About Me

Hello! I’m Sarah.

I am originally from Louisiana, not that you can tell that when I talk. After some time living in Africa and Japan, losing my Southern drawl along the way, I have settled in Harrogate with my husband and our daughter, and fingers crossed, cockapoo puppy!

I began practising yoga over 10 years ago whilst living in Japan, after a dare from my now husband. I had never really been sporty, heck, I think I was allergic to anything that would make me sweat (erm, glisten!) but I wanted to prove a point; that I could do yoga. I found experiencing yoga grounded me, put me in the here and now and forced my overactive mind to be still. That is nothing short of a miracle and hopefully something I can also help you discover.

I’m a very responsive and considerate teacher. Saying that, I do like to laugh… a lot. If you take a private sessionĀ or workshop with me, you can be guaranteed to have a great time and find laughter. Even if you find starting yoga quite daunting and embarrassing, as it was for me, you will find my private sessions relaxing and welcoming.

Teaching yoga began with my certification with Yoga Alliance at The Yoga Space in 2013. I owned the first Co-Operative Yoga Studio in Harrogate from 2015-2017 and helped to create a thriving community as well as business. I now focus my energy on my Private sessions, carried out in the comfort of your own home or teaching Corporate sessions in your office, as well as bringing Essential Oils to homes.

Essential oils are a phenomenal way to lower the chemical footprint in our homes and our lives. They are an affordable way to support your family’s wellbeing naturally. I want to help people thrive in a more holistic lifestyle, I want women to have that chance to create a sisterhood with like minded women who lift up, not tear down, and to consciously call in and create money, bettering the lives of others, too. I want women to realise that they CAN have a life of moderation, to not beat themselves up because they drink a coffee or two, and to ONLY change when THEY are drawn to that change. Because, after all, we are gloriously human, right?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!.