How to Make YOUR Morning the BEST Morning

Are you an early bird? Always up at the crack of dawn with a big smile on your face? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. Want to kick start your day to ensure that you have THE best possible day you can have? Read on to check out my tips on how I do this very thing.

  1. Wake up smiling-come on, crack a smile right now. How does it feel? Pretty freaking awesome right? Imagine if you do that INTENTIONALLY every single morning upon waking. Yup, sets you up for the day. Challenge-any time you feel super negative, angry, frustrated, smile. See if that helps to diffuse the situation and make you a little happier.
  2. Gratitude-I bang ON about this ALL of the time. Just say your gratitudes-be freaking grateful, people. What you put out there, it comes back around. Challenge yourself to do this before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep-5 things you are thankful for. Pretty sure you can do that. Maybe, if you are feeling generous, share it with your partner. How sexy is that? To hear what your partner is grateful for every single day?
  3. Work your brain-maybe you want to read 10 minutes in the morning, maybe you want to meditate or do a word search. USE YOUR BRAIN. End of. Find something that challenges you or stretches you and do that. We are all individuals, you can find something that works for you.
  4. Move that Bod-Whether it is a run, a spin class, or just gentle stretches in bed before you jump out, just get the body moving. Massage your arms and legs to get the fascia moving, encourage the body to wake up slowly, gently. Or hard and fast-whatever, just MOVE. Check back next week for my Gentle Stretches video!
  5. Envision the Day-Yea, just envision what you want your day to look like. Pretty sure you can make that awesome, right? Who wants to envision a shitty day? I don’t think I know many of those 🙂 Leave a synopsis of your perfect (or not so perfect) day! I’d love to hear what you envision…

New Year’s Resolutions? How About New Year’s Feels?

Gosh, how the hell has it gotten to the end of 2017. It does just feel like I was at this computer (well, not this one, this one is brand spanking new, baby!) writing out my New Year’s Resolutions or Intentions for this year-not that I remember what ANY of those were. Let me tell you, that is NOT how I want to think for 2018.

I think we had such an amazing hope for 2017. 2016 left a lot of us spinning, feeling unsettled, sad, disillusioned. 2017 was the year of hope, excitement, running towards everything that we saw with joy, our touch turning all we saw into gold. And maybe that was 2017 for you. And maybe it wasn’t. I went on quite a journey last year, this year. Boy, was it a bumpy ride but what a fucking magical ride it was. I learned a lot about myself and what I can withstand and I’ve seen what magic I can create. I’ve discovered that I want to make a difference in people’s lives and how I can best do that. I’ve stopped pretending and truly stepped into who I am. I read tarot cards and drink coffee, I read my horoscope avidly and tap into the energy I can feel around me. Everyone can do that-it’s just that we’ve become so desensitised to how the energy around us is moving that only ‘special’ people can sense it. I think that’s bollocks, but whatever.

And this rediscovery led me to a new way of thinking for 2018. (Not TOTALLY new, just new for me). A new way of thinking that I highly suggest YOU practice, too. Think about how you want to FEEL. How do you want each and every day feel, each and every activity you do feel while doing it, feel once completed? Sit with that for a moment and let me know-I really want to.

I’ll leave you with my 5. Trust. I want to continue to trust my decisions and know that I am on the right path. Flow, I really want my life to Flow with Ease, because why the hell not? Who DOESN’T want to feel Ease and Flow in their daily lives and activities?! Joy. I love laughing and I love making people laugh, I love teaching, and I am blessed that that is my job-it brings me so much Joy. Nourish-this is a big word for me. I am finally going to pay attention to what NOURISHES my body as opposed to keeping it not feeling it’s best. Each and every single day I will ask myself how I am feeling. I will do the same before each and every activity I undertake. That is how I want to live my 2018. How do you want to live yours?

Morning Gratitude

Morning Gratitude


Morning Gratitude. Are you the kind of person that bounces out of bed, rearing to go? Moving quick, quick, quick? Or do you move a bit more slowly, savouring your morning, really setting yourself up for the day? Below are a few ways to savour your morning a bit more, to start a gratitude practice.

-Gratitude Journal: Start writing 3 things you are grateful for each day. Remember those things when you start to feel unease or tension.
-Power of 3’s : 3 mins of Gratitude + 3 mins of Meditation/ Visualization + 3 mins of Prayer/ intention setting
-Use a few mantras to help in your meditations/ visualization practice:

INHALE, I am open to receiving,
EXHALE, I have everything that I need.
INHALE, I have the power
EXHALE, I choose happiness
INHALE, I give love
EXHALE, I receive love

“Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~Eckhart Tolle
“I am exactly where I need to be”
“Be Present.”

Try a few of these, see if you have a more relaxed, productive day. Let me know how you get on.

Hobbies! How to ACTUALLY Make Time…

Hobbies, do you have one? How do you fit it in? Last week, we talked about Burn Out and how it is way more common than we’d like to admit. Particularly during busy times like Christmas! I gave you some ways to combat it-have you tried any? Do you want to start a new hobby but you’re stuck as to how you’ll fit it in with work, the school run, the hobby runs for the kids, your partner, etc? Below are just a few ways to get in YOUR time before you have to give it to everyone else.

Wake Up Early
Yup, you read that right-what time do the kids normally wake up? If you can manage to wake up even 30 minutes before them, you can start to fill your OWN cup before you need to fill theirs. You can take that time to have a luxurious shower or make a morning ritual out of making your cup of coffee or tea. You can go for a run or nip to a spin class-you can do a yoga session.

Skip Lunch
Ha! Had you worried, didn’t I? Most people eat lunch at their desks anyway so why don’t you take that time to go out for a walk in nature or hit up a yoga class in your building (If you don’t have corporate yoga, look to getting someone in!) If you have showers (and even if you don’t! haha!) go for a run or a quick cycle. That is YOUR time to do with whatever you like and a sneaky way of getting your endorphine fix in, too!

Schedule It
We ALL live by our calendars, don’t we? So schedule in your workout or your yoga class. Make sure the kids are taken care of (calling on your parnter/grandparents/other parents is a great way to make this happen) and block out that same time every single week-it becomes habit then, right? You know it is coming and you look forward to it.

Schedule a workout session or a yoga class or a walk with a friend! You are a lot less likely to back out if you have someone else committed to going with you. You feel obligated to not let that person down, right? I know I do! It is what gets me up for those 6am yoga sessions!

And, above all else, ENJOY IT! It should be something you feel great about doing before, during (ok, maybe not during so much), and after (DEFINITELY after!) Let me know how you get your hobby in, I’d love to hear your innovative ways and ideas!

BurnOut-You Got It?

Exhaustion. Anxiety. Feeling like you are never getting it all done? Welcome to Burn Out. We’ve all been there. The important thing to remember is HOW to get out of it.

Self Care
What springs to mind when you hear self care? Bubble baths, massages, 45 hours of yoga? You know what self care REALLY is? Anything that bloody brings you joy. Yup, you heard me (or read me) correctly. Hate bubble baths (oh my goodness, get that crap OFF me), don’t have one. Like a bath every single night? HAVE ONE. Can’t stand a massage? Dude, DON’T HAVE ONE. Why would you partake in an activity that is like to cause you more anxiety, stress, ughhhh?!  Instead, why don’t you do something you actually like? Like singing at the top of your lungs to all the Spanish music you can find? Just me? Never mind, it makes me HAPPY. Especially if I throw in some pretty bad dancing! Savouring a cup of coffee or that first sip of wine? ROCK IT. ENJOY IT. THAT, my friend, is self care. Not what society conforms as self care. It is what YOU decide is YOUR self care.

Time Out
Start saying ‘No’. You know, that word that over achievers like us HATE to say. Sometimes, to take care of yourself, you have to say it. Start thinking it along the lines of what brings you joy-that shit that doesn’t? Say NO. People will not think any less of you, heck, they may even start to respect you a bit more for protecting yourself and your time. We can’t do everything (though believe you me, I try) and by the time you wake up and realise what everyone else figured out weeks ago, you are ragged and most likely ill. Save yourself the trouble and just say No.

Get a Hobby
Make time to do something that you like. You can even class this under self care. Do you like knitting? Gardening? Yoga? Volunteering? Or just sitting in a coffee shop, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. ANYTHING you like can become a hobby though typically a hobby puts you into contact with others who like the same thing. But really, that conversation with you barista counts, right? You both like coffee and that cafe so why not?

So three ideas to help you avoid burn out. Three things you can put into action immediately. And why wouldn’t you? Doing something you enjoy all the time? Finding and indulging in something that brings you relaxation and joy? Saying no to the shit that doesn’t serve? Mate, get on it. Do it. The only thing standing in your way is you. So get out of your own way.

FOMO. It IS Real, Y’all.

Oh my gosh. It is that time of year where everyone is posting those amazing holiday photos. You know the ones, the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, fruity drinks in pineapple cups. Or maybe all of your friends seem to be getting engaged with huge sparkly rings and you can’t seem to keep a plant alive, much less a relationship. And I am not saying you can’t be over the moon happy for these people and not feel a bit of jealousy, it is normal. What ISN’T normal is wanting to live in their worlds, live their lives. Here are a few tips on how to get over these FOMO slumps:

  1. Gratitude EVERY Day. Not just when you get something nice or something good happens. Notice the little things, the things that we gloss over as constants. Your hot shower in the morning, the smell of your coffee brewing, the breeze on your skin. Whatever. Find and relish the everyday things. Write them down and then go back over them-you never know when one entry or thought will make you chuckle and remember something you’d forgotten.
  2. Connect with People and NOT behind a screen-see them, laugh with them, even if it is 5 minutes. Not every one of your friends is in your daily circle. Take the time to call them (like actually SPEAK to them on the phone) and pin down a date to grab a quick coffee or wine.
  3. Help Someone. Being of service and giving back is CRUCIAL to getting rid of jealousy and FOMO. By serving someone who has less or are in a time of need, how can you not realise all YOU have?
  4. Get Creative-you don’t have to just work work work. Do something that YOU like that gets your right brain working. Go paint some pottery or style a new flower arrangement. Whatever YOU have to do to feel artsy and creative. How can you not help but smile at that?

The point is-get out of your own head. Go out, enjoy yourself. See the little things, connect with REAL people, and laugh. Breathe deeply, sigh it out. Live life. Don’t live life via everyone else.


Let’s Talk Self-Care

Man, let’s talk Self-Care. hashtagSelfCareSunday, huh? Who can raise their hands up and honestly say they perform some kind of Self Care daily or weekly? Do you even know what it is or consists of? I once heard a quote by the ever amazing Danielle LaPorte

It kinda stuck with me. So onto what Self Care is. Anything that YOU deem enjoyable. What lights you up? What makes you incredibly, insanely happy? It isn’t a one time deal, either. It is something that you should invest in daily, weekly, monthly. Aren’t you worth it? Some ideas on what you can do:

  • Create a compliment’s file-make a list of all the great things people say about you to read later
  • Go cloud watching
  • Sit outdoors and just breathe in the fresh air
  • Buy yourself that latte and enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. SIP.
  • Help someone. Surely you aren’t surprised at how good THIS can make you feel?
  • Inhale an upbeat smell, like Wild Orange or Grapefruit
  • Laugh
  • Play/dance/sing with your kids/pets/partner

So what are YOU going to do tonight or this week? How will you create a Self Care Ritual? Check back soon for my 7 day Self Care Creation Challenge! Sign up for my newsletter to be in the know first!

Top 3 High Vibe Podcasts

So, I am stepping on this bandwagon WAY later than I did the Friends bandwagon 85 years after it started. Podcasts. Those of you who already listen to these rad little episodes will be laughing and scratching your head thinking, ‘Yeah, G, of COURSE they are awesome!’. And for those of you like me, those who take a LITTLE bit longer to warm up to certain new fangled ideas, let me enlighten you on my top 3 High Vibe Podcasts that I am LOVING!

First, I use CastBox on my mobile to download and listen to these magical snippets of High Vibe goodness. On to the good stuff-my Top 3 High Vibe Podcasts are below:

  • Moving Millennials-Millennials are fundamentally shifting and changing the world-they re write rules, challenge the status quo, and raise the collective consciousness of the planet!
  • The Lively Show-helps to get a little bit of intention into your day
  • The Tony Robbins Show-“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Need I say more?!


  • Vibrant Happy Women-Created for women who are striving to live happily, even when life gets hard.

Let me know in the comments if you are an avid Podcast listener, if you are going to start, and if you have any go to PodCast to raise your vibration!