BurnOut-You Got It?

Exhaustion. Anxiety. Feeling like you are never getting it all done? Welcome to Burn Out. We’ve all been there. The important thing to remember is HOW to get out of it.

Self Care
What springs to mind when you hear self care? Bubble baths, massages, 45 hours of yoga? You know what self care REALLY is? Anything that bloody brings you joy. Yup, you heard me (or read me) correctly. Hate bubble baths (oh my goodness, get that crap OFF me), don’t have one. Like a bath every single night? HAVE ONE. Can’t stand a massage? Dude, DON’T HAVE ONE. Why would you partake in an activity that is like to cause you more anxiety, stress, ughhhh?!  Instead, why don’t you do something you actually like? Like singing at the top of your lungs to all the Spanish music you can find? Just me? Never mind, it makes me HAPPY. Especially if I throw in some pretty bad dancing! Savouring a cup of coffee or that first sip of wine? ROCK IT. ENJOY IT. THAT, my friend, is self care. Not what society conforms as self care. It is what YOU decide is YOUR self care.

Time Out
Start saying ‘No’. You know, that word that over achievers like us HATE to say. Sometimes, to take care of yourself, you have to say it. Start thinking it along the lines of what brings you joy-that shit that doesn’t? Say NO. People will not think any less of you, heck, they may even start to respect you a bit more for protecting yourself and your time. We can’t do everything (though believe you me, I try) and by the time you wake up and realise what everyone else figured out weeks ago, you are ragged and most likely ill. Save yourself the trouble and just say No.

Get a Hobby
Make time to do something that you like. You can even class this under self care. Do you like knitting? Gardening? Yoga? Volunteering? Or just sitting in a coffee shop, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. ANYTHING you like can become a hobby though typically a hobby puts you into contact with others who like the same thing. But really, that conversation with you barista counts, right? You both like coffee and that cafe so why not?

So three ideas to help you avoid burn out. Three things you can put into action immediately. And why wouldn’t you? Doing something you enjoy all the time? Finding and indulging in something that brings you relaxation and joy? Saying no to the shit that doesn’t serve? Mate, get on it. Do it. The only thing standing in your way is you. So get out of your own way.

FOMO. It IS Real, Y’all.

Oh my gosh. It is that time of year where everyone is posting those amazing holiday photos. You know the ones, the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, fruity drinks in pineapple cups. Or maybe all of your friends seem to be getting engaged with huge sparkly rings and you can’t seem to keep a plant alive, much less a relationship. And I am not saying you can’t be over the moon happy for these people and not feel a bit of jealousy, it is normal. What ISN’T normal is wanting to live in their worlds, live their lives. Here are a few tips on how to get over these FOMO slumps:

  1. Gratitude EVERY Day. Not just when you get something nice or something good happens. Notice the little things, the things that we gloss over as constants. Your hot shower in the morning, the smell of your coffee brewing, the breeze on your skin. Whatever. Find and relish the everyday things. Write them down and then go back over them-you never know when one entry or thought will make you chuckle and remember something you’d forgotten.
  2. Connect with People and NOT behind a screen-see them, laugh with them, even if it is 5 minutes. Not every one of your friends is in your daily circle. Take the time to call them (like actually SPEAK to them on the phone) and pin down a date to grab a quick coffee or wine.
  3. Help Someone. Being of service and giving back is CRUCIAL to getting rid of jealousy and FOMO. By serving someone who has less or are in a time of need, how can you not realise all YOU have?
  4. Get Creative-you don’t have to just work work work. Do something that YOU like that gets your right brain working. Go paint some pottery or style a new flower arrangement. Whatever YOU have to do to feel artsy and creative. How can you not help but smile at that?

The point is-get out of your own head. Go out, enjoy yourself. See the little things, connect with REAL people, and laugh. Breathe deeply, sigh it out. Live life. Don’t live life via everyone else.


Let’s Talk Self-Care

Man, let’s talk Self-Care. hashtagSelfCareSunday, huh? Who can raise their hands up and honestly say they perform some kind of Self Care daily or weekly? Do you even know what it is or consists of? I once heard a quote by the ever amazing Danielle LaPorte

It kinda stuck with me. So onto what Self Care is. Anything that YOU deem enjoyable. What lights you up? What makes you incredibly, insanely happy? It isn’t a one time deal, either. It is something that you should invest in daily, weekly, monthly. Aren’t you worth it? Some ideas on what you can do:

  • Create a compliment’s file-make a list of all the great things people say about you to read later
  • Go cloud watching
  • Sit outdoors and just breathe in the fresh air
  • Buy yourself that latte and enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. SIP.
  • Help someone. Surely you aren’t surprised at how good THIS can make you feel?
  • Inhale an upbeat smell, like Wild Orange or Grapefruit
  • Laugh
  • Play/dance/sing with your kids/pets/partner

So what are YOU going to do tonight or this week? How will you create a Self Care Ritual? Check back soon for my 7 day Self Care Creation Challenge! Sign up for my newsletter to be in the know first!

Top 3 High Vibe Podcasts

So, I am stepping on this bandwagon WAY later than I did the Friends bandwagon 85 years after it started. Podcasts. Those of you who already listen to these rad little episodes will be laughing and scratching your head thinking, ‘Yeah, G, of COURSE they are awesome!’. And for those of you like me, those who take a LITTLE bit longer to warm up to certain new fangled ideas, let me enlighten you on my top 3 High Vibe Podcasts that I am LOVING!

First, I use CastBox on my mobile to download and listen to these magical snippets of High Vibe goodness. On to the good stuff-my Top 3 High Vibe Podcasts are below:

  • Moving Millennials-Millennials are fundamentally shifting and changing the world-they re write rules, challenge the status quo, and raise the collective consciousness of the planet!
  • The Lively Show-helps to get a little bit of intention into your day
  • The Tony Robbins Show-“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Need I say more?!


  • Vibrant Happy Women-Created for women who are striving to live happily, even when life gets hard.

Let me know in the comments if you are an avid Podcast listener, if you are going to start, and if you have any go to PodCast to raise your vibration!

See To Your Own Oxygen Mask First

A guest blog by Susie Phillips-Baker.

 Susie will be co-delivering a workshop with me on Friday the 3rd February to gaining more clarity and confidence in your personal and professional life.

‘See to your own oxygen mask first’

Adults of young children please see to your own oxygen masks first’ – advice I heard recently on a flight from Exeter.  And again the same week on the radio, while listening to a woman who sadly lost her husband to cancer and was finding ways to survive, and look after their three children on her own.  Her survival strategy was to see to her own oxygen mask first.  This could be very true for someone who is grieving, who needs to remind themselves to just breathe in and out to get through the day.  However, I think we could also take this advice on board and ensure that we are looking after our own wellbeing before we can help others.  We are not going to be much use to anyone else without doing so! (…at least not in the long run).

In my work supporting individuals in their professional development, I see this as particularly relevant for me.  I need to remember to invest in my own wellbeing in order to perform my job effectively.  I particularly find it useful to draw on the support of like-minded individuals who I have been lucky to come across through my work and life.  People I have identified as my ‘radiators’; they motivate and encourage me.  They enable me to be effective in my work by highlighting my strengths and bringing out the best in me.

In terms of what I do for myself, I meditate (I could be better!) and I do regular yoga.  I run when I can to keep fit.  I take the things that ‘nourish me’ seriously, and ensure I do them regularly.  These can be as simple as spending time with good friends, walking, reading, even drinking more water!  Whatever it takes to keep my energy topped up and my wellbeing in balance.

I have a passion for learning and so for me investing in my ongoing development is also really important to me.  I have recently trained as a facilitator of the Thinking Environment®, which involves creating the conditions for effective and independent thinking in others.  This has been a significant turning point for me, which has given me the tools to be more at ease in myself, to be more present with others, to pay better attention (less ‘listening to respond’ more ‘listening to encourage’).  Using this approach we can all appreciate the potential in others and I have witnessed the improved quality of people’s thinking, including my own when using some of the principles.  It is liberating!

It is vitally important to prioritise our own wellbeing and to look after ourselves, so that we can in turn look after the needs of others.

Susie Phillips-Baker is a Business Psychologist and Coach

Hello, holiday stress!




Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays! Or maybe not. It is only the 6th of December and we’ve already been run off of our feet with Christmas cheer. Nope, not complaining, just accessing the situation and realising that it is up to ME to make sure I don’t burn out this holiday season. Below are a few ideas I will put to use this year:

  1. Limiting the nights out and commitments-I already work evenings teaching yoga so my night’s IN are pretty precious!
  2. Using my Essential OilsI already use these religiously anyway, but as the nights grow darker and longer, I’ve been reaching more and more for my citrus blends.
  3. Think positively-something I have been trying to do more and more of recently. Your thoughts equal your reality. It is hard, especially if you don’t like winter nights like me, to stay positive, but using my SAD lamp has really helped. As well as positive mantras.
  4. Stick to my routine-This is a hard one, especially when Q is out for the school holidays BUT I will stick to my teaching schedule as much as possible. It helps me to stay on top of tasks and not feel overwhelmed.

And, if all else fails, just take time out to enjoy YOU. Enjoy your breath, feeling your heartbeat, the air flowing in and out. Even if it is just a few moments a day, tap into your own positivity and really enjoy the holiday season!



Meet Helen, owner of ChantMalas. I believe I found her via Instagram?! Ha! Regardless of how I met this beauty, we have become fast friends and the ONLY lady I will have make my malas-she is phenomenal! Read her answers to the Bliss Chaser questions below.

1. What rocks your bliss? 

So many things!  Being with my family – especially my children, getting outside (especially if it’s in a woodland or amongst flowers/the sea…in fact, just being in nature!), practising yoga without any distractions, practising yoga with my children – although it usually ends up being a partner yoga class in those instances! – having a bath, creating malas, meditating, being with like-minded friends, reading, writing, seeing new places, mindful eating…the list goes on and on!

2. How did you discover your vision?

I’ve always been a very creative person but only realised I was good at something other than writing (in terms of creativity!) when I was waiting for my daughter to arrive.  She was 14 days overdue and in the run up I decided I needed something to do that didn’t necessary involve moving around too much (all those hilly walks and lunges started to take it out of me!).  I had seen people wire-wrapping crystals and creating bracelets and decided to give it a go.  It took probably a month before I moved onto creating malas.  Once I had created one there was no going back – I was captivated!

3. When do you feel most creative and alive?

When I’m outside and active, practising yoga, running, walking.  I find so much inspiration in the area I live in now.  I’ve always been a city girl but moving down to the south coast, and onto the doorstep of the South Downs has sparked something new in me; many of my new pieces are now created as a result of being in a forest or by the sea, and likewise, are rooted in the story of a particular goddess.  Creating malas is something that I love to do and is a way of channeling my creativity into something that needs no words.

4. Share an epic goal you are rocking.

I don’t know that I have any ‘epic’ goals really.  For me at the moment, I just want to be present to every aspect of life, and to live mindfully.  If I can do that then I know I can achieve whatever I set my mind to (as cheesy as that may sound!).

5. If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

Not too far from home – the Scottish Highlands.  We went when I was pregnant with my daughter and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since.  I couldn’t believe I‘d never been before and that somewhere like that existed so close to home.  Much of my partner’s family are from Scotland so it’s important to me that my children know where their ancestors are from – plus it’s a great excuse to get out in Mother Gaia and do some walking!

6. How do you handle setbacks?

By breathing and considering what isn’t working.  If I’ve made a mistake, taking responsibility for that and figuring out what I can do to change things; if it’s something external from me, looking at how I can work with whatever it is to move past it – sometimes that’s as simple as just accepting that something CAN’T be changed.  Also asking for help when I need it is crucial for me; it’s something I only learnt to do in my twenties and still need reminding of occasionally.

7. What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

I love creating green smoothies – often with quite random combinations of ingredients – hey, I’m no chef!  Making sure I have a relaxing bath at least once a week – with essential oils and candles, getting outside and into nature to breathe and connect with Mother Gaia as much as I can.

8. What is your favorite mantra/meditation/word? 

Mantra:  Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu is such a beautiful mantra with so much depth in its meaning.

Meditation:  Other than Japa Meditation (naturally!), the Buddhist Metta, or Loving Kindness, meditation is definitely one of my favourites.  When I first did it I was at a Seane Corn workshop and found it immensely challenging but I feel it’s a really important one to have in my practice.

Word:  YES!  Oh, and my daughter’s current pronunciation of cucumber: ‘cu-umbumber’

You can find her on Instagram here.

7 Random Acts of Kindness in 7 Days


I think we all need a little bit of kindness right now. Kindness to ourselves, to our friends, to our family, to our foes. I am not going to get political here, but I do feel like the past 6 months have been pretty turbulent, to say the least, on the political front.

Inspired by an article I read yonks ago, I am going to follow Deepak Chopra’s 7 days of Kindness, starting tomorrow, Friday the 11th.

The society we live in is massively overstimulated. Our busy lives and schedules breed a lack of connection with the ones we love and those around us. Many people go through their daily like barely looking up from their mobile screen, the connection they have for the day is via an app, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Self expression, vulnerability are constantly being pushed down, for fear that our authentic self will push others away.

Kindness has fallen by the wayside, too. Especially this week.

It is important to note that although this is a week of kindness shown by selfless acts, being kind to yourself, first and foremost, is also important. Before giving more of yourself, you have to learn to recognize YOUR signs of needing kindness and gratitude and learn to fill your cup up first.

Day 1: Show Your Appreciation to Someone in Your Life

Whatever you choose to thank someone, take a moment to show gratitude today. You can intentionally do this by taking the time to say thank you or by praising someone for his or her service. A simple, “I appreciate you,” can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Day 2: Show Gratitude to a Stranger

Similar to day one, this involves extending appreciation to someone you don’t know. When you show your gratitude to those who are strangers, you realize that, truly, we are all interconnected. Simple acts of kindness can go beyond the divisions created by language or appearance. Express gratitude with a warm thank you.

Day 3: Give a Helping Hand

Help someone! It isn’t that hard to find someone that may need a helping hand. Show kindness on this day by providing that helping hand for someone, whether you know them or not.

Day 4: Listen

Truly listen. Pay attention to what people say when you ask, “How are you doing?” While this can be quite challenging it can also be a catalyst for deeper connection. You might feel that you want to share a solution or add your opinion, but practice taking a moment to pause, breathe, and direct your full attention to what is being said without interrupting. Those receiving this act of kindness will feel fully supported by the space that you have created for them to share.

Day 5: Honor Nature

Honor and acknowledge the Earth for all that it gives to you. Consider riding your bike, plant flowers in your garden, pack your groceries in recyclable bags, or pick up garbage that you see on the floor. Every bit counts when you put into perspective that this is our home, which we will pass down from one generation to the next.

Day 6: Make Time to Connect

As your days fill up with commitments, work, or extracurricular activities, it’s easy to lose touch with friends and family. Be intentional and reach out to a family member or friend who you haven’t seen in a while—schedule a date to reconnect or pick up the phone and call.

Day 7: Pay it Forward

By combining something you’re passionate about with a desire to help, you can spread kindness in the world. Some ways you can pay it forward include: paying the tab for someone you don’t know at a coffee shop; letting another driver get in front of you while waiting for the red light; donating money or time to a cause you believe in; giving someone a caring smile and/or a hug to show them you care. Any act of kindness is truly paying it forward.

Check back here next week to see what I did on my 7 days of Intentional Kindness and I hope I inspire you to try it out! Let me know how you’ve gotten on.