Reset Cleanse

Are you feeling stagnant? Bloated? Sluggish? Are you looking for the opportunity to get curious about what foods best serve you and your body? To have more energy and mental clarity? To shed toxins and cut sugar cravings? If so, this Cleanse is for you!

I have been leading Mamas on their unique wellness journeys for the past 5 years, starting with yoga, moving onto essential oils, and now incorporating it all in Holistic Wellness Coaching.  My motto is to have fun and to laugh your way through the education-if you aren’t having fun, then we aren’t doing it right!

I am here to share my knowledge, skill set, advice, and to guide you on this journey to help you achieve maximum success. It’s a gentle cleanse that guides you to find the foods that best nourish you and make you feel your best. We get curious about our bodies, it’s a very individual experience and you have to agree to dare and be stretched out of your comfort zone. To do this, you will be connecting live with me on our Private Facebook Group along with the other Mamas going through this gentle Cleanse alongside you. You will also get:

  • Done for You Grocery List
  • Gentle Yoga Sequences
  • Essential Oil Guidance
  • Journal Prompts
  • Recipes
  • Beautiful PDF Cleanse Guide

Finally, the mind and body are a part of the same system. Everything influences everything else. Express your feelings-this is the FIRST step to creating the change you desire to create. The trick? Doing this with NO JUDGEMENT. You are the best interpreter of your body. Listen to it, get curious. What is it trying to tell you?

Before June 17th-£49.50

After June 17th-£75

If this 14 day Reset Cleanse sounds like something you are interested in, please drop me a line here and I’ll get in touch with you!!